Warning about these earrings.😜
 I'm going to share my thought process I had in creating them.🤔
To some people, this is going to seem far too deep for a lousy pair of earrings. But honestly if every pair of earrings, every piece of jewelry I ever created could be done in this sort of therapeutic process, I would be a very happy person.😁
Rather than write a book what follows is just thoughts that ran through my mind.
💭Pain we've experienced in our lives sometimes obscures  who we really are.
💭Vintage wings buffed out to reveal a more refined gold, just as trials refine us.
💭Pain carried around, hidden tearsdrops deep inside like the rutilated quartz teardrop. Rutilated quartz has tiny almost invisible threads running through it.  You can't always understand someone until sometimes you look close and deep. Sometimes we can't even understand ourselves. 
💭Broken birds need to be bound up to heal.
 💭Wings can carry away our pain. Make us feel lighter. Make us feel safe. Under the safety of His pinions.
Told you. Alot of thought for a pair of earrings.
Great music in the background provided floods of emotion.
Check out last slide for info on the music. 
Oh! and the earrings. 
They are a blend of vintage wings, rutilated quartz teardrop and a blend of microfaceted stone beads in a mix of rutilated quartz, Sunstone and Moonstone. 3inches long and very lightweight. 

Carry Me Away Earrings

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